Water for Peru

Photon Water Technology s.r.o., a subsidiary of Photon Energy NV, has been awarded a 50% subsidy by the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Programme of Czech International Development Cooperation and the B2B development partnership, for the implementation of drinking water treatment projects in Peru.





About Photon Water

Photon Water offers comprehensive services in the fields of contaminated land remediation and water management to ensure sufficient amounts of clean water for a wide range of customers and applications.

We mainly focus on:

  • Contaminated land remediation
  • Water purification and treatment
  • Water resources
  • Water management

Clean water, like clean energy, is essential for keeping our environment safe and promoting sustainable business across the globe. Where applicable, our sister companies from the Photon Energy Group can integrate solar energy or battery storage solutions to provide clean water using clean energy.

Our portfolio of activities and services is supported by scientific research and development of our own information systems.