Photon Water receives support for its water treatment projects in Peru

Photon Water Technology s.r.o. announced that it has been awarded a 50% subsidy for the implementation of its water treatment plants in small and medium-sized municipalities in Peru. In 2018 the project budget is estimated at CZK 4.663 million (approx. EUR 184,000), while the subsidy will amount to CZK 2.331 million (approx. EUR 92,000). The company is committed to covering the remaining half of the needed funds while also ensuring the continuous operation and maintenance of the installed equipment after completion.

Photon Water Technology s.r.o., a subsidiary of Photon Energy NV, has been awarded a 50% subsidy by the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Programme of Czech International Development Cooperation and the B2B development partnership, for the implementation of drinking water treatment projects in Peru. Photon Water’s project was among the 42 submissions, out of 77 projects proposed in many developing countries around the world, which obtained funding.

The project support will be paid out yearly based on the annual estimated budget. The 2018 support amounts to CZK 2.331 million (EUR 92,000) of the estimated annual total project budget of CZK 4.663 million (EUR 184,000), where Photon Water is committed to financing the remaining half of the needed funds from its own resources. The entire project is expected to be realized by 2020 and to cost CZK 9.637, million (EUR 380,000), of which 4.819 million (EUR 190,000) will be covered by the Czech Development Agency’s subsidy.

The feasibility study for this project has been supported and majority financed by the Czech Development Agency and prepared by Photon Water Technology in late 2017. The continued support of Photon Water Technology’s activities in Peru by the Czech Development Agency now also during the pilot project phase is a testament to the project’s professional preparation and execution as well as the high social and health impact for a large number of affected Peruvian citizens.

The project aims to ensure that the selected municipalities in the Tacna region of Peru, each with approximately 1,000 inhabitants, will be supplied with clean and safe drinking water on a reliable long-term basis. In order to achieve continuous operation and supply, the project foresees the set-up of a service and maintenance team in cooperation with local partners, the comprehensive training of local technicians, the maintenance of adequate spare part inventory levels as well as the launch of a public campaign to educate the local population about the benefits of new water treatment approaches and the dangers associated with drinking contaminated untreated water.

“Photon Water is strongly committed to making a difference in the lives of as many Peruvians as possible. The experience, track record and lessons learnt from the delivery of this project will allow us to leverage our offering to other Latin American countries, where the problem of low water quality is equally pressing,” comments Managing Director of Photon Water Technology Dr. Petr Kvapil.

Peru has long-standing problems with the quality, quantity and reliability of drinking water supplies throughout the country. In certain parts of the country up to 40 per cent of the population reported a lack of water supplies, while other municipalities exposed their populace to water heavily contaminated with hazardous salts and metals like Arsenic and Boron, from using the only available source of water, which was. Peruvian regional governments are starting to actively address this issue and to provide substantial support to companies working in water purification and treatment.

Oconchay City, one of the municipalities in a remote part of the Peruvian desert facing the challenge of contaminated drinking water.

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