About B2B project

Project name:

Drinking water treatment plants for small and medium-sized municipalities in Peru

Project budget:

The entire project is expected to be realized by 2020 and to cost CZK 9.637, million (EUR 375,000), of which 4.819 million (EUR 187,500) will be covered by the Czech Development Agency’s subsidy.

In 2019 the project budget is estimated at CZK 3.897,5 million (approx. EUR 152,000), while the subsidy will amount to CZK 1.948,75 million (approx. EUR 76,000).

The company is committed to covering the remaining half of the needed funds while also ensuring the continuous operation and maintenance of the installed equipment after completion.


The main objective of the project is to exploit the exceptional situation and opportunities on the Peruvian market to create a sustainable business model for the supply of specialized drinking water treatment technologies to Peru and Latin America. This plan is connected with the transfer of Czech know-how and export of equipment produced in the Czech Republic and the EU.

The extraordinary situation in Peru is due to the general lack of water (in some areas of Peru up to 40% of the population is without secured supplies of good quality drinking water), contamination of drinking water sources (high concentrations of heavy metals and salts, especially As and B), volcanic activity, and extraordinary government support for water management activities after past climatic disasters (floods and droughts).

Technological know-how in Peru is generally lacking, and the infrastructure needed for operating and servicing technological facilities is lacking.

Thanks to the implemented project, the partial objectives following on from the above-mentioned context include:

  • provision of good quality drinking water to residents of local communities of about 1,000 inhabitants
  • preparation of an advanced design of technological units for selected locations in the Tacna area
  • demonstration of the feasibility of proposed solutions for the treatment and decontamination of drinking water under the local conditions of isolated areas of Peru and their upscaling,
  • setting up a network of partner organizations for the installation and putting into operation of specialized technologies
  • dissemination of information and results through the implementation of a psychosocial and information campaign to demonstrate the functionality, usefulness and sustainability of the proposed solutions.

Activities relating to the submitted project are expected to include:

  • creation of a business partnership with a local business or setting up a company,
  • creation of the necessary infrastructure and warehouses,
  • business activities aimed at the sale and implementation of drinking water treatment plants in Peru,
  • multiplication of the created model I other regions of Peru and Latin America.