Technology for Peru

Photon Water Technology offers a solution for small communities that suffer from arsenic, boron, and other pollutants in drinking water.

Special and tailor-made components of the technology are adapted to tackle the issue in the Peruvian water sources, specifically.

Designed for the local conditions, drinking water treatment plants of Photon Water Technology are fully automatic, reasonably priced when it comes to both investment and operation, and more importantly, they produce safe and readily available drinking water meeting the Peruvian drinking water standards.

Around-the-Clock Expert Support

Our technicians are available to respond to your problems or questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Spare parts and consumables are kept in stock in our Peruvian warehouse facility, ready for immediate delivery to customer.

Small demonstration unit

Photon Water Technology prepares small drinking water treatment plants for municipalities and public spaces to make sure clean and safe water is readily available everywhere needed.

These units, for example, are able to rid water of the most harmful pollutants, including arsenic, metals and different kinds of salt, producing safe drinking water for up to 87 people.

Type of treated water:

Water sources with increased concentrations of heavy metals, calcium, sulphates, suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, organics; e.g. water from distribution pipeline, rain water, surface water.

Possible deliverable volume:

MDWTP-Home edition: 8 l/h

Description of the technology:

The technology is capable of removing nearly any kind of chemical and biological pollutants. A home edition of the treatment unit is based on membrane processes. First, suspended solids are removed and organoleptic properties are improved by zeolite and active carbon filters. Subsequently, the water is treated through a reverse osmosis membrane. Hygienisation with a UV lamp is the last step to ensure water safety and quality. Distribution of treated water is performed by external tap in the sink.

Removal of:

Turbidity, bacteria, viruses, organics, suspended solids, heavy metals, sulphates.

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High capacity units

We design our water treatment units with high efficiency, robustness and automation according to the latest and the most common requirements among our clients, i.e. ensuring minimum amount of time and resources spent on operating the unit while yielding the best possible results.

To design a unit for a specific location, monitoring of the demonstration unit and communication with municipality is required. We use a combination of different technologies, such as membrane filtration, filtration through material, sorption, coagulation etc.

Membrane technology:


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Mechanical filtration, sorption, ion exchange technology:


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Coagulation technology:


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Protection against algae formation:

Special plastic particles are applied to a waterbody (e.g. a reservoir) and float on the surface of the water. They protect the water against UV light and eliminate organic growth such as algae and weeds.