The Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University is located in the Tacna region. It is a superior educational institution with the aim of training professionals, researchers and creative, competent and excellent postgraduates, committed to solving the problems of Peru.

In the Tacna Region, the vast majority of water sources for human consumption are contaminated mainly by heavy metals such as arsenic and boron. Some of these sources of pollution are natural and others are caused by human activity, but all of them affect the health of the population.

The research carried out by the National University through the project entitled “Analysis and Modulation of Water Technology for the Removal of Boron and Arsenic in the Basins of the Tacna Region”, will provide a comparative evaluation of drinking water treatment technologies for the removal of arsenic in the city of Tacna.

Photon Water Technology and Photon Energy Peru, both members of the Photon Energy Group, with the support of the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, are collaborating with the National University to provide a reverse osmosis water treatment unit.

The effectiveness of the reverse osmosis technology provided by Photon Water Technology, installed from October 2020 at the university campus of the Laboratory of Mining Industry, Auxiliary Services Environment, will be used for laboratory tests with water from various parts of the region, and it will also supply the students of the engineering program and the staff of the university with clean water that will be free of impurities.

A technical workshop will be organized focusing on the operation of the reverse osmosis technology and various water treatment technologies, promoting awareness of water care and the importance of using advanced technologies for water treatment.

The Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University
The Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University campus
The drinking water treatment unit will be installed at the university campus of the Laboratory of Mining industry, auxiliary Services Environment
Handover of the water treatment unit to the fellows of the University of Tacna
Dante Morales (first from left), Research Professor at the Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University, Head of the Water Research Project, with a member of Photon Energy Peru S.A.C. with the water treatment unit
Information board for the unit