Photon Water Technology and Photon Energy Peru, both member companies of the Photon Energy Group corporation (, with the support of the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, in collaboration With Repsol and the “Carpintero Kirigueti” Native Community, have donated two (02) water treatment equipment to the elementary and secondary educational institutions of the Community, benefiting more than 400 children in the community with drinking water for consumption . This is a sample that by articulating efforts, positive impacts can be achieved for the benefit of vulnerable populations, promoting innovative solutions according to the geographical context.

With the water treatment equipment delivered to the community belonging to the Lower Urubamba (Matsigenka ethnic group), they will be able to overcome health problems such as EDAS (acute diarrheal diseases) by using drinking water in Educational Institutions.

The “Carpintero Kirigueti” Native Community is located in the district of Megantoni, province of La Convencion of the department of Cusco of the Republic of Peru.

Water treatment plant (01) and solar power source installed in educational institution of the “Carpintero Kirigueti” Native Community
Water treatment plant (01)
Second water treatment unit (02)
Installation of the drinking water treatment unit
Connection board installation
Solar power system
Solar power system
Information and education campaign