Chipe is a small municipality in the district of Locumba in the province of Jorge Basadre with approximately 250 inhabitants, a military base and a small school. Water in Chipe has a much lower quality than in Locumba. Therefore, at the end of August 2018 Photon Water Technology installed a small water treatment plant at the school in Chipe. The high content of naturally occurring heavy metals in the water in the area is particularly dangerous for children. The purpose of the installation of the small treatment plant is to promote both health and educational – providing clean water to show the young generation the importance and necessity of using advanced water treatment technologies.

In October 2018, Photon Water Technology organized an information and education campaign for the wider public in Chipe to help raise awareness of the importance of quality water, technological solutions, environmental aspects, and the impact of untreated contaminated water on human health. The first public discussion was held at Chipe elementary school and the second at I.E. Nuestro Señor de Locumba secondary school. The discussions were attended by students, their parents and teachers. Interest was also raised by a workshop on the contamination and treatment of drinking water organized in the municipal lecture hall.

School in Chipe
Installation of a small water treatment plant at an elementary school in Chipe
Mireya Raynelle Figueroa Parodi (second from right), Principal of the elementary school where the water treatment plant was installed, pictured with members of the Photon Water Technology team
Location of the small water treatment plant in an elementary school
Information campaign at an elementary school in Chipe
Locumba – discussion at the workshop