Experts from Photon Water Technology installed two small water treatment plants in the municipality of Candarave at an elevation of 3400 m above sea level just below the Yucamani Volcano. The water treatment plants were temporarily installed in Candarave at the end of August 2018. About 14 days later, the municipality completed the selection of the final units and installed them on the main square of Candarave (Plaza Civica Coronel Bolognesi) and at a school (I.E. Fortunato Zora Carbajal). Residents, including schoolchildren, have now had access to water since mid-September 2018.

In October, Photon Water Technology organized an information and education campaign for the wider public in Candarave. Its aim was to raise awareness about different aspects of the issue, such as the importance of quality water, possible technological solutions, environmental factors and, last but not least, the influence of untreated contaminated water on human health. The first public discussion took place at the school (I.E. Fortunato Zora Carbajal), and the second was held in a public room in the municipality building where a workshop on drinking water treatment was also organized.

A general view of the city with the Yucamani Volcano in the background
Plaza Civica Coronel Bolognesi
Installation of a small water treatment plant
Water treatment plant at Plaza Civica Coronel Bolognesi
I.E. Fortunato Zora Carbajal school building
Water treatment plant at the school
Information and education campaign at the school
Workshop at the municipality building